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Hardware log
I decided to go with this board:
MB BIOSTAR VIA KM266 M7VIG400 $47.00
and this memory:
Kingston DDRAM 256MB 32X64 PC-2100 $47.00
So, beaglemail is up and running with:
AMD Athlon TBird 1.33GHz
BioStar M7VIG400
Kingston 256MB PC2100
Western Digital WD400BB 40GB HD
RedHat 9

Alas! newegg refunded my money on the board because they no longer carry them. They also have nothing with dual memory slots. I'll see if I can find someone to trade that 512 MB stick for something else. Back to shopping.


MB has been RMAed ($5.33) to newegg. Let's try this again.


Tried a different memory stick. Moved CPU to blackhole and started fine. Definitely the motherboard.


Found speaker. Reset BIOS and dropped speed to 100 MHz. It will boot now with single beep (most of the time). Reports 100MB ram? Changed cable to HD. After numerous power ups, looks like BIOS is flaky. Sometimes won't even start video. Sometimes just shows blinking cursor, or partial display of init screen, or stops after detecting CPU, or Mem., or IDE, or... ? I'm going with bad motherboard.


Received parts on 5/24. It took this long to get them in the case. And what do I get? On the first and subsequent power ups, no video and no boot. Disconnected HD and swapped memory. Checked cable to monitor. CPU and ps fan running. Power LED is on. I'll see if I can find a speaker for beeps...

New items from

MB KM266 KM2M Combo-L $53.00

CPU AMD T-BIRD 1.33GHZ/266 PGA $38.00


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